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my dog died today.

long live lulu.
DA should add music selections!

i want to start a band.
right now my art is medical terminology. which strangely makes me want to write poems and songs. weird.
ahh, you dump someone, and they are sooo distraught...then bam! 5 days later they are with someone new!

I left...why should I be bothered by it? MEH.

Also, I am sick of all this Jark stuff taking over DA.
I am now single.
I am happy to be alone, but feel like shit for hurting someone I care about.
yay i'm home. i'm glad.

i'm bloody sick of anime. some people are good at it - most people are HORRENDOUS. i'm still tired of it. though i do like the cute animal things sometimes.
ahh home in a week and a half. i look forward to it - one of the first things i'm going to do is get a job (VERY QUICKLY I hope) and move out into my own place. Since my mom is moving in with her fiance, there's lots of leftover furniture for meeee! w00t.
One of the first things I will buy for my apartment is a drawing desk, and hopefully I can paint the walls, because I HATE white walls - if I can't paint, I'll have to find another way to make the room colourful.

I plan to do a lot of artwork soon - some based on my trip, and some fun stuff, and some more portraits of course.

Ta for now.
yeh i'm going back to vancouver on june 29th. had enough of travelling for a while. i'm going back to NZ first for a bit though to be with my boy for a while.




allo, i am in a town called berry, 2 hours south of sydney, being a nanny for 3 kids. its pretty cool. i am now living seperate from my sweet  boy which i am happy to say has helped a buttload because i am still in love with him - sometimes a need for space can really fog your perceptions.

not much art lately, mostly journaling - hope for more art soon. no comments on my last one *CRY* and i love it so much. i wish i could get the whites more white.
Well, after two months in Nwe Zealand, I have arrived in Australia - been in Perth for a couple weeks now. It seems like longer.
Things are going okay. I've been trying to do a lot of writing and art, but just got back into it. I would really like to get back into photography again, and have started taking new photos.

Other stuff has been up and down, like with the boy. I know it won't last forever, but for now it's just one day at a time.
Age difference can be an issue, it just took me a while to realise it.
yeh i leave tomorrow overseas for a year

i'm kinda freaked out!

but excited too

oh jeez i'm gonna barf
so i'm off to NZ on February 3rd! woooooooo!!!! i'm back from tofino and there's only 4 weeks to go! yay!
I got my working holiday visa, and I also got a fat-ass bonus from work so I got lots of money now.
I'm going to New Zealand in mid-January for SURE then to Australia after for a year :D

I can't wait to see Shayne <3
yeh im back here
things are weird
work is lame coz im not getting enough hours
and NO ONE else is hiring.
agh i might end up coming back to vancouver
if i dont get my benefits or a 2nd job,
seriously...i dunno what else i can possibly do.
ok so fuckerz at work told me i start on nov 1 so i actually move on saturday.
i have no plans for halloween IMMA CRY NOW mebbe there will be a hott party in tuff city i hope yeaaaa

all i can think about is NZ and Auz I don't wanna wait til Feb I wanna go NOW + see my kiwimuffin

i felt like typing like a retard lolzzzzzz omg omg asl plz
so yeah
i move in four days
leave this shit behind
go back to old shit
but make it new
and then
go to awesome land of doom.

i dunno why i bother to draw anyone. it's not like they fucking appreciate it.
been making some good cash money lately with ebay and garage sale goodness. i move in a week i guess. gotta get down to business.

i slept 15 hours last night. gosh. i was so exhausted. garage sale mavens are insane. INSANE.

i want to sell some art.
want to buy my art? TELL ME!
tofino is imminent! october 23 or 24...something like that.

in february...NEW ZEALAND! I will see Shayne, huzzah! then a couple months later, Australia :D w00t w00t!

For now, the focus is surfing and work; money money. I need a lot of it...I want to save $4000 in 4 months. So two jobs. Plus I am selling a LOT of and this weekend; woo garage sale fun. God it's so much work.
i have some other goals too...quit sugar, get back in shape (ergh, not bein' good to myself lately), try and rid myself of that neurotic problem of mine, and money! And get better at surfing of course. i'm gonna go nuts on it. i can't wait for new zealand/auz surf!

i feel very strange! i cannot wait to get back in that water. 2 months of sitting on my ass has been great and relaxing and all...but it's getting old. as is staying  up til i am now.
this is just getting stupid!
So I'm moving back to Tofino soon, mid-October.

Then in spring looks like I'm going to Australia, also New Zealand, and hopefully Fiji and Indonesia. Depends on money. I've got my old job to go back to (desperate for my benefits, my poor teeth) and I'm gonna get a second job, cuz I wanna go asap, plus I am getting some other work done other than my teeth.

I should have a new piece of art up soon, it's gonna be super personal.
why did i move...why...WHY!? WHY OH WHY!
this is a problem
5 days and i already regret moving
god i am so stupid!

anyway, thanks for reading my random ranting.